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Multi-User License setup and implementation

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2015 12:40PM MST

To help minimize multi-user training costs for corporate, government, education, and nonprofit organizations, LearnKey offers a Multi-User License1 that can be purchased with the original sale or as an upgrade to the original sale of any LearnKey CD product. With our Multi-User License (MUL), you may train as many people as you want for as long as you want and operate completely within United States and international copyright laws. The more people who use the training, the lower your per-person training cost is going to be. It's convenient and cost effective.


For all "lab" situations, an administrator will need to install2 the LearnKey training on each computer to be used in the lab.
  1. Insert your LearnKey CD into the CD ROM drive and close the drive. Your LearnKey CD will automatically launch the setup program. Office 97 courses and older will not auto-launch.
  2. Once your license agreement appears, read through the terms of the agreement, and click I Agree
  3. Your setup window will now open. Click Install. Once finished, click OK
  4. Please wait for your LearnKey training to initialize. Once completed, please enter a generic first/last name, password, and then confirm password. Passwords are difficult to remember. We have found that when the following are used for a generic name, administrators have been more successful:
    • First Name: 1
    • Last Name: 1
    • Password: 1
  5. The training can be unlocked on a training lab PC for individual username and password access, which provides very limited tracking as to which courses a user has ever accessed, and his or her highest and last past-test scores per course. Such tracking and password info is not secure and can be viewed by any user. To unlock the training:
    1. Click on START
    2. Go to PROGRAMS
    3. Go to LEARNKEY
    5. After program initializes, click on ADD USER
    6. Click on ACQUIRE LICENSES
    7. The alphanumerical code you now see is a random number that is used to complete the unlock process. Finish by calling LearnKey Technical Support at 800-865-0165 extension 293. NOTE: Unlocking must be accomplished “live”, while the unlock code is active on the computer screen. If the unlock function is exited, a new code is generated with each request code. Therefore, a request for a solution code cannot be requested by email and returned by email, unless the unlock process is left undisturbed until the solution code is acquired.
    8. Explain to the technician you are calling for a multi user unlock, and be prepared to provide the unlock code on the screen, and the LearnKey invoice number from your purchase


LearnKey training with a Multi User License can be used in various ways. Below are a few implementation methods LearnKey has seen implemented successfully.
Option 1: multiple stations, random access, tests are recorded
Instructors would like students to be able to train at random times and on random machines, but they need to track test scores for each student.
  • + Students may view video training at any computer they wish
    • Each student must use the same computer each time in order to maintain course progress
    • Copies of the CD training will be required for each computer in the lab
  • + All students perform testing at a single computer—often called the test box
    • + The test box serves as a central station for gathering test scores
    • The test box will need to be set apart for testing only
    • No training will take place on the test box
    • No scores will be retained on any station other than the test box
Option 2: multiple stations, random access, tests are not recorded
Instructor just wants students to be able to train at their own pace and on any available computer. The instructor does not need to record or maintain test scores.
  • + Students may train at any station in the lab
    • + No unlocking is required at any station. Each station may use the same generic username and password
    • + Students may view training and complete tests at any station in the lab
    • Copies of the CD training will be required for each computer in the lab
    • No scores will be retained on any station
    • Students must record where they left off; no bookmarks will be retained
Option 3: library
Corporate environment where no lab is available and where the majority of training is to be done at home on employees' own time.
  • + Store a minimal number of copies of the training
  • + Users may check out a product on their own time
  • + Users may train at the office or at home
  • + No license unlock is required, unless training takes place by more than one person on one machine
  • No constant training environment
  • Training media requires library management
Option 4: student classroom
Instructor would like all students to be training or taking a test simultaneously.
  • + Each student uses the same computer every day
  • + All students watch the training or take a test at the same time
  • + Each student uses his or her own username and password
  • A training administrator must access each computer in the lab in order to retrieve the students' test scores
  • Unlocking is required for each station
  • A copy of the training media will be required for each station


If you have questions about implementing LearnKey training or using Multi-User Licenses, call your account manager to discuss the best option for you.
If you have technical questions about implementing LearnKey training or using Multi-User Licenses, please call LearnKey Technical Support.
Please view LearnKey's End-User License Agreement (EULA) here.


1 A Multi-User License is a non-transferable multi-user limited license that permits the purchaser to install the training content and train an unlimited number of individuals. With this license the product may be placed on a workstation, such as a computer in a training lab (for multi user password access), or used as a library copy. Duplication of the CD or electronic transmission of any content is in violation of manufacturer's copyright. If additional sets of CD-ROM media are needed to provide increased training access at the same licensed location, these may be purchased at discounted MUL prices. Each additional MUL license on a training lab PC must be unlocked by LearnKey Technical Support. MUL licensing is not a network-based training solution. An individual LearnKey training session CD must still be present in each PC's CD-ROM drive for the training to be accessible.
2 If you are running Windows NT / 2000 / XP operating systems, you are required to have local administrative rights in order to install the LearnKey courseware.

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