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Codec errors


  • After launching your course, you receive an error stating that you must update or install the Indeo codec
  • After launching the course window, there is no video and/or audio. If you get both, they are choppy
  • You receive the following error:

Video not Available
Cannot find vids: iv32 decompressor

Detailed information

When Windows plays a sound or video clip, it utilizes a codec, which compresses and decompresses the video and audio and sends it to the sound and video card of your computer. LearnKey Training uses specific codecs to encode the video files, and those codecs must be present on your computer in order for the training to run properly. 


Download and the Ligos Indeo codec from the link below.

If this does not resolve the issue, download and install the K-Lite codec pack from the following link:

If this also does not resolve the issue, download and install Vista Codec Package from the link below: