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Satellite Internet web acceleration


  • Your Internet service provider (ISP) is a satellite Internet company, such as HughesNet
  • Videos will not play properly in OnlineExpert® 

Detailed information

Some satellite Internet providers have special settings that must be configured in order to use LearnKey training. Contact your Internet service provider (ISP) for more details 


If your ISP is HughesNet, follow the instructions below to disable web acceleration: 

Open System Control Center
Click the i icon in the top right corner next to the System Information link
Click Web Acceleration on the left sidebar, and then click Control under Web Acceleration
Select the Disable Web Acceleration check box and click the Submit button

If the steps above do not work, contact HughesNet directly: http://www.hughesnet.com/index.cfm?page=ContactUs

If HughesNet is not your Internet service provider (ISP), contact your ISP for more assistance.